A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
of People Building Friendships
While Serving the Needs of the
Deer Mountain/Copper Gulch Community
in Fremont County, Colorado
Since 2012

Mailing / Physical Address

Deer Mountain Community Organization
2995 County Road 27A
Cotopaxi, CO 81223

NOTE: February 2024 meeting is on the 17th at 11:00 AM

Contact Information

Chairman Rob Adams: 719­-942­-3278

Treasurer Elaine Foster: 719­-942­-3344
Leave a message and we will call you back.

DMCO’s Email: manager@deermountaincommunity.com


Mission and Purpose

The Deer Mountain Community Organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Fremont County, Colorado. The residents of this area and surrounding areas united for the purpose of instituting programs and activities of interest and needs of the community, such as constructing and maintaining a Community Center, conducting senior and non-senior programs, providing meaningful volunteer opportunities, conducting food co-op programs, promoting local businesses and generally working together to reach advantageous goals for the people of the community.

Population Served

Most of our members live within this circle, but membership is open to anyone.

The Deer Mountain and neighboring communities have about 3,000 residents. These neighborhoods include Deer Mountain, Copper Gulch, Cody Park, Westcliffe, Texas Creek, Cotopaxi, and beyond. There are no geographic restrictions for membership. Membership is open to anyone of any age.

A person does not have to be a member to participate in any of our activities, attend our meetings, or serve on a committee. Many of our activities serve the community at large.

Meeting Information

Regular monthly meetings every SECOND Saturday. (except for Feb 17, 2024)

You do not have to be a member to attend any of our meetings or events. Everyone is welcome.

Monthly meetings are now at 11:00 AM year round.

We start each monthly meeting with a shared meal. Bring something to share if you can.  It is not required.

The suggested donation is $5 but this, too, is optional.

Got questions? Call the treasurer at 719-942-3344
or email us at manager@deermountaincommunity.com


NOTE: Raffle games are on hold for the time being.

We usually have a 50/50 raffle at each meeting. The winner of the drawing wins 50% of the money taken in from the sale of the raffle tickets.

Tickets are one for $1 or seven for $5.

The winning ticket is drawn at the end of each meeting. Winners do not have to be present to win. (If you can’t stay for the entire meeting, the games manager will see that you are notified about your winnings.)


The Deer Mountain Community Organization is governed by the nonprofit section of Title 7 of the Colorado Revised Statutes and the organization’s bylaws.

We operate on the principle of one-member-one-vote. Every member has an equal say in motions put forth for the group to decide on. Any member can make a motion for the group to vote on. A member must be present at a meeting to hear the discussion in order to vote on a motion.

Board members are elected by the other voting members and have one vote on all motions, equal to all other voting members who are present.

DMCO has operated on this equal-say principle from the start and find that it works very well for our community organization.

More information about DMCO can be found on the the Documents Page and the Minutes Page.

DMCO Mailing List

To get on the DMCO mailing list to be notified of meetings and events, send you request to the secretary at manager@deermountaincommunity.com


History and Background

The Deer Mountain Community Organization was incorporated in 2012 by residents with a vision to build the first community center for the approximately 3,000 people who live in the Deer Mountain/Copper Gulch Road area of rural Fremont County, Colorado.

An excellent 5-acre piece of commercial property was offered for sale by a local businessman and friend, Richard Kelly, who knew he was not long for this world. It was his understanding that the land would someday house a community center for the benefit of all.

Several DMCO founding families raised the money for the down payment on the land and a loan for the balance was secured from High Country Bank. An out-building where members can hold monthly meetings was fixed up and is being used as a temporary meeting place until sufficient funds can be raised to construct the permanent Deer Mountain Community Center.

Building friendships and learning to work together toward common goals have been an integral part of this organization since the day it was founded.

Current Goal

To apply for grant money to build a community center at 2995 Copper Gulch Road:

Current Board of Directors (3)


Rob Adams is a founding DMCO member and has been on the board of directors off and on since May 2014.

Rob was raised in a construction family and has been doing construction work since the early 1960’s. He became a journeyman carpenter in 1973, working in high rise commercial construction and residential building. Some housing tracts in California were up to 3500 homes. He became a general contractor in 1990 and started his own business. He has built custom homes in Palo Alto, California that sold for 7-8 million dollars. He has helped teach others how to build homes on mission trips to Mexico.

His hobbies include cooking and traveling. He also belongs to the Outdoor Buddy Organization and served in the past as a able bodied guide to the disabled. He and his wife have volunteered at Vineyard Christian Church cooking and barbecuing. He has also done some remodeling for the youth center.

Rob has lived in the Deer Mountain area with his wife, LeeAnn, for 18 years.


Gloria Briggs has been a very active member of DMCO since 2014. In 2022, she also assumed the role of Secretary of the organization.

In addition, she faithfully heads up our bake sales events. Check out her bake sale table at DMCO’s Saturday Markets during the summer months. Both she and her husband, Jim, do as much as they can to reach the goal of building a community center for the people of the Deer Mountain area.

Gloria retired from NCCI with a contract to do field work for them. That has lasted for over 20 years and was a wonderful way to end her career. Gloria also has interest in cooking, sewing and gardening, which keeps her busy.

Gloria married Jim in Bishop, CA Oct. 1956. They have two grown children, three grandson and eight great grand children. They have lived in the Deer Mountain area over 15 years and love it here.


Elaine Foster is a founding DMCO member. She is a faithful volunteer on fundraisers and the building committee. She is also the chairman of DMCO’s grant writing committee.

She has many computer and internet skills, which is a great help to the organization.

In the past, she was a member of Ark River EMS as an EMT/ambulance driver, also serving as a board member there for two years. .

Elaine has lived in the Deer Mountain area with her husband, Chip, for 28 years.


DMCO Accepts Donations

If you have things you don’t want, DMCO may be able to take them off your hands. Please speak to Rob or Elaine about leaving donated goods for the DMCO organization.

We can’t take stuffed furniture, mattresses, clothes or broken items.

We are recycling aluminum cans and aluminum foil. You can bring them in a bag to DMCO anytime.

DMCO Currently Has These Items for Sale:
(There are pictures of some of the items at the bottom of this page.)

3 Leather vests, $30 each (pictures below)
Violin case, $15. (pictures below)
Puzzles, $1 each
Golf clubs
Christian books
Kitchen items
Child’s desk and chair, $25.
CD’s and VCR tapes
Wooden hand-screw clamps, 10-inch, 2 for $10. (pictures below)
Interesting odds and ends box
Professional blind stitch machine in table, $159 OBO. (pictures below)
DMCO Cookbooks, $10 each
Many other things in the Warehouse, too.

Pictures of Items for Sale in our Warehouse:

3 Suede Vests, $30 each. Sizes: medium, large and extra-large.


Wooden hand-screw clamps, 10-inch, 2 for $10.


Violin case, $15.


Child’s desk and chair, $25.


Blind stitch machine, $150 OBO. :


DMCO Cookbooks, $10 each:


There are many other things in the Warehouse, too.